26 June 2021


Ma Polaine’s Great Decline

Sunday12:45 – 13:15Thistle Garden Stage
Sunday16:00 – 16:45Poole Arms Stage


The concept behind the band was not predetermined, the songs are written without a requirement to stay within the boundaries of a particular genre, the lyrics cover veiled tales of love, the joys & pains of the music world, and are told with melodic invention and an emotive vocal.

Beth and Clinton performed the early gigs as a duo, placing an emphasis on writing and instinctively developing a distinctive sound for the band.

Alongside gigging around London, straddling the blues, folk and songwriter scenes, Ma Polaine’s Great Decline exerted great patience in finding additions to the live band. The right musicians with the right disposition slowly uncovered themselves in Jon Gillies on tenor sax and piano and Chris Clavo on double bass. With Beth introducing her own harmonica and accordion, the band utilise the combinations of different sounds to give the songs just what they need.