25/26 June 2022

Dance Sides 2021

Enigma Border Morris

Southern Star Longsword

In 1936, a group of miners in the village of Lingdale in Yorkshire were filmed by Lady Trevelyn, performing their traditional longsword dance.  In 1948, Peter Kennedy wrote down all the moves of the dance, which had gained an extra two figures in the intervening years.

In 2016, Southern Star Longsword dancers, with the aid of the Sword Dance Union and detailed notes written by Roy Dommett, brought together all the historical information about this dance, and started bringing it back to life again.


Blackrock Irish dancers

Blackrock Irish Dancers

The Blackrock School of Irish Dance, traditional Irish dance group based in Yeovil. Dancers range from 3-18 both boys and girls. Dance classes are on a Saturday morning 10-12 for beginners 10-13.30 for seniors.

Knights of King Ina

Somerset-based Morris dancing specialising in cotswold jigs.


Bournemouth U3A

Bournemouth U3A

Currently we are enjoying dances from a wide variety of countries eg Croatia, Russia, Israel, England, Sweden as well as a few dances from the circle dance tradition.


Dance Workshops

We will have a Longsword workshop in the early afternoon run by one of the members of Anonymous Morris. Time and location to be confirmed.